Industry Terms

This page will guide you through words that may be frequently used while you're planning your event.

Catering Terms

In House
In house catering means you have to use the property's caterer.

Open catering means you can provide your own caterer.

Preferred List
Preferred list means you have to use the caterers that the property has on their list.

Event Terms

Hotel Site Inspection
A hotel site inspection is a visit to a hotel to view guest rooms and meeting space to determine the facility's viability for use for a meeting/conference/family reunion.

A lead is a document which outlines the specific needs for a meeting/ convention/trade show / family reunion which has been provided by the client/ meeting planner/organizer to hotels / facilities. A lead provides information about the arrival and departure dates; number of hotel guest rooms needed each night and the meeting/exhibit/food and beverage details, including approximate times and number of people. A lead also gives instruction on how to respond best to the client/meeting planner/organizer's request.

Room Block
A room block is the estimated number of hotel guest rooms required each night to accommodate the attendees for a meeting /family reunion.

Site Visit
A site visit is an organized itinerary providing visits to specific sites/ facilities (i.e. hotels, convention centers, attractions, restaurants, etc.) to familiarize the client/meeting planner/organizer with Houston or a particular area of the city.

Sleep Rooms
Sleeping rooms are the rooms utilized by individuals in a hotel.