National Send a Card to a Friend Day February 7, 2019 – HABPsi February Social Service Project

Sending a card to a friend or a stranger may seem old-fashioned, but its effect both to the sender and the recipient say otherwise. The act of taking some time off your schedule to go buy a card speaks volumes. It takes thoughts and time to pick a card with the perfect message that you would love to express to your friend. Additionally, you have to inscribe some words on it for your loved one.

Dr. Lynda Shaw, a Neuroscientist, says that apart from raising one’s self-esteem, receiving a greetings card minimizes the feelings of loneliness and isolation. It also fends off depression in some cases.

The process of coming across a card as you sort out your mail induces a host of good feelings within you, thus improving your overall mood, and the overall mood of the card recipient. This kind of effect is not only beneficial physically, but also mentally. Researchers have found that the positive effects that emanate from receiving a card can actually decrease your blood pressure as well as reduce the possibilities of heart problems and other health ailments.

Ever wondered why many people keep their greeting cards so that they can read them again after some time? It is because they want to experience the good feelings they felt when they first opened the card. This is a very common practice that prompts a majority of articles written on downsizing and de-cluttering to offer people advice about it.


So, how does sending a greeting card benefit you?

Unlike sending other gifts, sending a greetings card stands out since you have to write some kind of loving message on it. It is a thoughtful act that spells out the care you have for the recipient; surely, this person has to be dear to you for you invest your time in getting that message across through a card, even if you’ve never met them.

Writing with your hands have also been known to improve your driving skills and stimulates thinking to improve your language, says Dr. Shaw.

Sending and receiving a card generates spasms of joy. Scientific research has reiterated that sending a card:

  • Makes you feel more in touch socially
  • Makes you feel good and happy
  • Reduces your stress levels
  • Improves longevity as well as motivate others


Why you should send a card?

It is a pleasant surprise. When you receive mail or a note that’s handwritten expressing unexpected, sweet, caring words, it certainly makes your day. That’s why you should also take some time to reach out to someone by sending a card. It is a simple, yet thoughtful gesture.

Besides being a satisfying feeling to send a greeting card, the recipient does not forget the gesture. It leaves a long-lasting good impressionable effect on them, much more than a text message would probably do.

Writing a card marks a certain moment, recognizes a special day, and presents a touching and a creative way of expressing your feelings. You are probably used to emails and text messages to get a special message across. How about doing it differently by showing that person that they are special in an old-fashioned creative way?


HABPsi February Social Service Project

Our February social-community service project involves writing words of inspiration, kindness, support, encouragement, care, compassion, charity, hope, courage or goodwill to people who could benefit from reading those words. These hand-written cards are to be written without references to gender, religion or ethnicity. The cards are to be stamped and mailed to the selected agency (contact details will be emailed to members).  We ask that members complete the project so that cards arrive no later than February 17th, Random Acts of Kindness Day. The agency will collect all of the cards and give them out on that day.

We ask that members take a photo of the card fronts and the notes inside and share on our Facebook pages with the following hashtags: #SendaCardtoAFriendDay2019  #ABPsi  #HABPsi2019.